如果你还没有这样做,一定要在3月1日之前提交FAFSAst priority deadline. 



Finalizing your Admissions (Office of Admissions)

Office of Admissions Contact Information:

Accessing mail from the Office 365 system

  •  Use any updated Internet browser and navigate to
  • 使用完整的XULA电子邮件地址作为用户名登录. The password Xavierxula (last five digits of 900) 也是用来访问校园门户或Brightspace的.
  • IT will NOT email you about your passwords. 不要点击任何有关密码或工作邀请的链接.
  • When logging in for the first time, 您将需要提供额外的信息,然后设置一个电话进行多因素身份验证.
  • Once logged in, 点击屏幕左上角的九个方点,从显示的应用程序列表中选择“Outlook”.

Using Banner Web, 您将能够查看您的经济援助计划并接受所有奖学金, grants and need-based aid. For questions regarding your financial aid, connect with the Office of Student Financial Aid or call them at 504-520-7835.

For questions regarding your student account and billing for tuition and fees,  connect with the Office of Student Accounts or call them at 504-520-7667. 


Fall Term: May 1

Spring Term: December 1

Submit your enrollment deposit online. This deposit is non-refundable after May 1st. 所有学生都需要支付入学押金,包括体育奖学金获得者. If you are accepted after the deposit deadline, 从录取之日起,你有15天的时间来提交入学保证金. 


  • 登录你的学生申请门户,确认你的录取通知 here.
  • 一旦你登录到你的学生门户网站,点击下一步→表格→回复录取通知书

  • Deposit Deadlines:
    • Fall Term: May 1st
    • Spring Term: December 1st
  • This deposit is non-refundable after May 1st. 
  • 要在5月1日之前收到退款,请联系招生办公室.
  • 所有学生都需要支付入学押金,包括体育奖学金获得者. 
  • If you are accepted after the deposit deadline, 从录取之日起,你有15天的时间来提交入学保证金. 
  • 如需申请延期,请联系招生办公室:(504)520-7388
  • 请在网上提交您的入学保证金

Watch How to pay your enrollment deposit video

  • 毕业后,在7月1日之前发送你的正式高中成绩单. 这份正式成绩单必须包括毕业日期. 
  • 最终文件可通过电子邮件发送至 by a high school counselor
  • Final documents can also be mailed to:

Office of Admissions

1 Drexel Drive

New Orleans, LA 70125

  • 请务必在7月1日之前提交所有AP, IB, CLEP和/或大学学分. 
  • 未能在此截止日期前完成可能会导致您注册之前可能已经退出的课程. 
  • Visit the Credit Information page to learn more about credit policy. 
  • Student Academic Success Office (SASO),
  • 申请可选考试但没有官方ACT/SAT考试成绩或证明需要满足一个或多个发展课程要求的学生将有机会参加ACCUPLACER分班考试.

About the Accuplacer Next-Generation Exam


为了注册迎新课程,你必须收到你的注册押金. In the middle of the spring semester, 所有寄存的学生将收到有关秋季方向的具体信息. Learn more about orientation by visiting


Office of Financial Aid

Office of Financial Aid Contact Information:

Complete your FAFSA for Financial Aid & Scholarship Consideration

How to accept your Financial Aid Award

To accept your award, please follow these steps:

  • Go to Xavier University's website:
  • Click Quick Links
  • Click Online Resources
  • Click Banner Web, click Log in to Secure Area.
  • 输入您的XULA用户ID和PIN(您出生年份的月份、日期和最后两位数字).
  • Select Student and Financial Aid.
  • 点击虚拟经济援助办公室,然后点击电子奖励Offer.
  • ·点击按资助年度提供奖励,并选择资助年度 July 202_ - June 202_ from the drop menu, then click “Submit”. 






e世博esball大学,新生可以优先获得校内住房,但不需要住在校园里. 转学生可以要求住宿,但不能保证. If you are interested in living on-campus, 尽早申请,以优化您被安置在首选生活区的机会.


Steps to pay your Housing Deposit:

  1. Go to
  2. Under Education, Payments click Make a payment
  3. Under Make a Payment Choose
    1. State: Louisiana
    2. Payment Entity: Xavier University of Louisiana
  4. Payment Category: Deposits
  5. Payment Type: Housing Deposits

Click Make a payment

  1. Enter student ID
  2. Student First name & Last name
  3. Payment Amount: $100
  4. Choose payment option





Contact Information:

All Steps must be completed by July 1st

Visit Immunization Requirements for information and complete the Immunization Requirement Form.


This waiver can be found at

如果您没有提交类似保险的豁免书, 您的帐户将自动由学生帐户计费. Visit for additional information.


Fiscal Clearance (Office of Fiscal Services)

Office of Fiscal Services Contact Information:

在审查你的经济援助计划和评估你的账单提交的学生账户, please sign-in to your Banner Web account to make your payment. 

Visit Student Accounts to learn about payment options.



Friendly Reminders: 

  • 提交入学保证金的截止日期为5月1日st. (December 1st for Spring Term). 
  • Apply early for on-campus housing. This is limited.